Sari Weinberg-Binder
BAA.(ECE.), M.Ed.(Sp.Ed.)

Sari Weinberg-Binder’s practice is now limited to educational workshops for teachers and parent groups.

What is the Consultation Process?

Sari Weinberg-Binder will portrait your child through consultation, observation and assessment. Feedback, recommendations and an implementation plan will be provided. These include access to a comprehensive network of support and resources.

The initial consultation session consists of a one hour meeting with parent(s) for discussion of the child’s developmental, educational and family experiences. This meeting establishes the parents’ specific questions and sets goals. Together as a team, we determine the best way to move forward. The next step is tailored specifically to each family’s needs and may include school observation, screening, assessment and referral.

All services are conducted by Sari Weinberg-Binder. She will return messages personally and respond to questions thereby clarifying the process as it pertains to your family. All voicemail messages are confidential.

to encourage your child during the formative early years of development and learning…….

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Benefits of Early Childhood Consultation for Parents, Teachers & Health Professionals

  • To gain further insight into a child’s developmental strengths, needs and individual learning /play skills.
  • To support and extend parenting skills.
  • For advice on establishing and managing behavior related to sleep, diet, play and literacy specific to the child’s age and stage.
  • To provide teachers and parents with practical recommendations, specific materials and resources to support the child’s development and learning.
  • To identify resources and facilitate professional referrals.
  • For objectivity and access to a comprehensive network of resources during a family’s search for suitable schools and programs.