Sari Weinberg-Binder
BAA.(ECE.), M.Ed.(Sp.Ed.)

Sari Weinberg-Binder’s practice is now limited to educational workshops for teachers and parent groups.

Sari Weinberg-Binder serves families with children ages 2 to 6 years. She provides parents, teachers and health professionals with practical information and direction in response to questions regarding the child’s development and education. The range of services includes consultation, observation and assessment.



  • learn about your preschool child’s development…..

Assessment of the child’s developmental skills and learning style using formal play-based techniques, materials and on-site school observations.

Understanding Behaviour:

  • expectations and strategies…..

Guidelines for behaviour management specific to the child, regarding questions such as sleep, routines, social skills, behaviour, and play.

Recommendations for Learning and Teaching:

  • tailored to your child’s strengths and needs…..

For parents and schools, recommendations of individualized educational strategies and materials for the child.

School, Program and Resource Selection:

  • finding the right fit…..

Identification and selection of suitable schools, programs and resources.


  • topics…..

For parents, teachers and professionals.